Adding Monday's for meals for Peter and Julie

As you can imagine, Julia and Peter are exhausted and can use one more meal each week. You'll note the calendar has been adjusted to take meals on Mondays and Thursdays. Julia's nutritionist advises Julia eat ORGANIC chicken and fish. If the veggies and fruits aren't organic, those aren't as important as the chicken and fish. Julia and Peter promise they don't get tired of chicken because St. Luke's cooks are so awesome.


Please contact Linda Dugins if you want to be part of the acolytes

We  are currenttly re-establishing this program.

St Lukes loves  to get our youth  involved in our church services.  One of the ways our youth serve the church is by serving as youth acolytes during our 10:30 service. We welcome 4th-12th graders, boys and girls to join our team. Our youth acolytes serve the first Sunday of each month. We provide  “on the job training” and all are welcome!