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I recently received an email from Charles. He has run into a few people from the St. Luke's Community. Some people need clarification about why he and Bonnie aren't participating at St. Luke's since they are still in Park City.

Charles would like all of you to know that the ONLY reason Bonnie and him are not involved at St. Luke's is that they are trying to abide by the guidelines in the clergy code of ethics. 

Here is an excerpt... "Recognizing that some retired clergy remain in the communities they have served prior to their retirement, it nevertheless remains the best practice for the minister to not participate in the life of the church for 1-3 years, determined in conversation with the local Committee on Ministry and the incoming minister. It should be understood by the retiring minister, and the congregation that 'not participate' is comprehensive, including such events as funerals, weddings, and baptisms for parishioners, for persons with informal connections to the congregation, and the wider community."

In light of this guideline, He thinks it best that they refrain from attending events at St. Luke's as much as is practical until our next permanent rector has been serving for at least a year. They hope everyone will understand the wisdom in this.

They continue to miss all of us and look forward to a time when we can be reunited.