Our collective intention is to deliver the message of Jesus, brought to us each Sunday from the lessons and the homily, through music. It is not always an easy task, but our congregation is blessed with very talented and dedicated musicians, which I will name as follows: Shelle Jennings (piano), Heidi Jaeger (harp, alto), Jane Hamilton (alto), Mary Parsons (piano, alto), Cindy Hall (flute, alto), Jon Snyder (French horn, bass), Dennis Fish (bass), Greg Harrison (tenor), Felicia Lundie (soprano), Julia Thomas (soprano), Davis Underwood (tenor), Kate May (soprano), Beth Souther (soprano), Robyn Ramsey (soprano), Keith Trickett (bass, St. Nicholas), Erica Lowell (soprano) and many visitor musicians. We pray the Lord keeps them healthy and safe as they continue serving in this important ministry.

Please contact Manuel Clayton if you want to be part of the Choir.