Our goal is to provide flowers and decor items that create a coordinated, uncluttered and visually appealing experience at St. Luke’s. 


Seasonal changes are made for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Palm Sunday, and Easter; but we also handle other special needs and events.


Again this year, the St. Luke’s congregation gave a large number of Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies in memory and thanksgiving.  Not only does this fund these seasons, but helps with flowers for other year-round needs.  THANK YOU.

And thanks to everyone in the congregation who stays after church for various set ups during the year.  Special thanks to Kate May for handling regular live plant care.

Making a beautiful worship space is satisfying and could be your chance to express creativity.  We love new ideas and enthusiasm!  Because I am now away from Park City for longer stretches, it is truly necessary to have a team approach.  Please consider this Ministry. You can be in charge of as much as you want.

Nancy Conrow,  435-640-0556,  nancy.conrow@gmail.com