St. Luke’s Ushers and Greeters play a very important role in our church community, as they are often the first person a parishioner or first-time visitor meets when they walk through our doors.  If you'd love to help make everyone know just how glad we are that they joined us and just how special St. Luke’s is, then this is the job for you! 

Working in teams of two, ushers/greeters offer every person that arrives a smile, a warm welcome, and our weekly service bulletin and worship booklet.  Additionally, they answer questions and provide seating assistance as needed.

During the service, ushers/greeters will oversee the passing of the offertory plate and then later provide helpful direction when it is time to come to the altar for communion. 

To join this ministry, you do not have to commit to a minimum number of Sundays or be assigned to any day that doesn’t work for you, as we are a flexible group that includes many part-time residents.  And, we have a set of instructions that makes the job a breeze.  Young, old, long-timers, and new-timers are all welcome to join this special ministry … the more the merrier! 

Contact Kristin Bryson at 203-241-9190 or, or Myra Herzog at 817-657-1462, or for more information.