Did you know that Lent begins on February 22? That’s less than a month away! And what do you plan to give up this year? Or better yet, what do you plan to add to your spiritual practice?

Here’s a thought. Participate in Lent Madness! Last year we learned about 32 different Saints in a fun and not-so-serious way. Who says Lent can’t be fun? 32 Saints are placed in a bracket-style competition, similar to March Madness for basketball, and voted on daily. 

If you are curious about how to make the penitential six weeks of Lent a little more palatable and how this voting works, log on to www.Lentmadness.org. You can see the planned daily matchups, vote for your favorite Saint of the day, and get updates on the voting.

A limited number of Saintly Scorecards are available if you want a printed version. They offer biographies of all the participating Saints and a calendar of the matchups, similar to what you can see on the website. Last year’s winner was José Gregorio Hernández, a little-known Saint from Venezuela. So who will win the 2023 Golden Halo?