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Randy++++ (brother of Beckie) Robert++++ (husband of Iris) Lou, Claudia & Rick++++ (Giacoma) Jinny++++ (Vallor) Luz++++ (mother of Manuel) Leo++++ (Ludwick)  Jim++++ (friend of Beckie) Thomas++++ (brother of Dennis) Ted+ (brother of Elizabeth) Bonnie++++ (sister of Dennis) George++++ (friend of John) Richard++++ (brother-in-law of Krissa) Robin and Megan++++ (friends of Anne)


We pray for the people of Ukraine, for peace in the world, for divine wisdom for the leaders of the nations of the world, and for God to change the hearts of those bent on violence, war, and destruction.

Please note that we will place a + after each name for each week the name is on our prayer list.  After four weeks (++++) the name will be removed unless otherwise requested.