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Please pray for:  Pam++++ (Archbold) as she prepares for her journey as a postulant. Claudia & Rick+++ (Giacoma) Leo++++ (Ludwick) Peggy++++ (Bergmann) Lori++++ (sister of Krissa) Richard++++ (brother-in-law of Krissa) Adeline++++ (daughter of Ashley) Dave & Randy++++ (father and brother of Beckie) J amie++++ (husband of Julie) Craig++++ (son of Theresa)  Dave++++ (friend of Steve) Peggy++++ (Hanson) Larry++++ (brother of Barbara) Wally & Linda++++ (family of Claudia) Ray++++ (St. Elizabeth's) Gary, Melanie, Paula, RQN, BLC+++ (friends of Anne) Katherine++ (sister of Danamichele)  

We Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Wiley Wyatt, Uncle of John Hoener

We pray for peace in the world, divine wisdom for all who bear responsibilities for others, and God to change the hearts of those bent on violence, war, and destruction.

Please note that we will place a + after each name for each week the name is on our prayer list.  After four weeks (++++), the name will be removed unless otherwise requested.