The St. Luke's Church
Community Prayer

Creator God, the source and unity of all things, you are calling us to serve humanity as agents of reconciliation.

Therefore, grant us:

The wisdom to embrace disagreement as an avenue of learning.

The courage to communicate directly and honestly.

The humility to seek forgiveness from those we injure by our words or deeds.

The bravery to share openly with those who injure us.

The willingness to accept differences as sacred gifts.

And the flexibility to embrace change as a normal part of life.

​In your Holy name,

Amen. ​ 

Our St. Luke’s community prayer was developed to remind us that our work out in “the mission fields”—i.e., outside of church and within our communities, families, workplaces and the world—takes gifts that might not come easily, but are available, “with God’s help.”